How to Score in a Hockey Shootout?

Answer When a hockey game is tied at the end of the third and final period the two teams play a five minute 4 on 4 overtime. The overtime is a sudden-death format which means the first team to score a goa... Read More »

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Floor Hockey Safety Rules?

Floor hockey has many of the same rules as ice hockey. The only difference is that you aren't playing on ice and instead you're playing on a hard floor the size of a basketball court. Rubber-soled ... Read More »

What Are the Copyright Rules for College Students?

In today's age of digital presentation, YouTube annotations, collaborative authoring software, and map/data mash-ups, it's easy to take content (images, videos, documents) from the Internet and use... Read More »

What are Texas's rules of residency for college tuition purposes?

You have to have lived in the state a year before entering college or a full year as an outsider in Texas before trying to submit yourself as a resident in order to show residency. Another way to p... Read More »

529 College Fund Rules?

A 529 plan, also known as a qualified tuition plan, is just one way for parents to set aside money to fund their child's college education while also potentially earning some significant tax advant... Read More »