What are the scholarships that high school freshmen can apply to?

Answer firstly, poetry contests are all that are really available to hs freshman. =(but that's still okay. in fact, the whole idea of you thinking about scholarship money now is great - amazing, actually.... Read More »

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Scholarships for Freshmen in High School?

Freshmen in high school can benefit by starting their college preparations as soon as they enter high school. High school freshmen have four years to build up a resume, earn good grades and prepare... Read More »

How to Get Your Academically-Struggling High School Freshmen to Finish High School?

Freshman year in high school, which is equivalent to grade nine, can pose problems for students who are not accustomed to maintaining a disciplined focus on school work. Study habits acquired in th... Read More »

Tips for Freshmen in High School?

The transition from middle school to high school is often a tumultuous time of adjustment for students. Finding themselves in a new environment with new friends, new classes and new teachers can be... Read More »

In high school is it freshmen or freshman?

A freshmen or freshman is a 9th grader (first year of high school).Both are correct.Freshmen is plural: "The Freshmen sit in the first rows at the game."Freshman is singular: "The student waiting i... Read More »