What are the safety rules of swimming at school?

Answer Swim in areas you are comfortable swimming in.Have a teacher/instructor/lifeguard at the pool area at all times.Only dive in areas you may dive.Swim safe; no pushing/shoving, etcetera.Take a shower... Read More »

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What are the safety rules at school?

(1) Never run while going up or down the staircase at school.(2) Always wear your school identity card.(3) Know your school bus route well and be aware of your way back home from school.(4) Do not ... Read More »

What safety rules should be followed in school?

Well I would think so, but if it's not then it should be. But that's just me...

Safety Rules for a High School Lab?

High school laboratories allow students hands-on experience with chemicals and specimens. Safety in these high school labs is extremely important for the student using the chemicals as well as for ... Read More »

What are the safety rules in computer?

1. Don't open any e-mails if you don't know who sent them.2. Keep your anti virus programmes updated.3. Never bring a liquid (e.g. water) near a computer incase you spill some of that liquid on the... Read More »