What are the safety rules in computer?

Answer 1. Don't open any e-mails if you don't know who sent them.2. Keep your anti virus programmes updated.3. Never bring a liquid (e.g. water) near a computer incase you spill some of that liquid on the... Read More »

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Safety Rules in the Computer Lab?

The computer lab is a place where students learn practical uses for computers, such as programming or how to use a spreadsheet program. There are also safety rules that need to be applied in a comp... Read More »

What are the safety rules at school?

(1) Never run while going up or down the staircase at school.(2) Always wear your school identity card.(3) Know your school bus route well and be aware of your way back home from school.(4) Do not ... Read More »

What are the Safety rules of scissors?

Don't run with scissors.Always hand them to someone else by holding the pointed parts.Never delibertly cut yourself.When carrying scissors hold the pointed end.Never cut urself.

What are the safety rules of ironing?

Purchase an iron that shuts off automatically if it is not touched or handled for number of minutes. This will prevent a fire should it get knocked over, fall, overheat or malfunction.