What are the safety needs of infants?

Answer The safety needs of infants are to be fed, to be kept warm, and to be protected from dangers.

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How do you adapt the environment to ensuer safety for children according to their age needs and abilitys also disabilitys and special needs?

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Safety Issues for Infants?

Infants are fragile human beings because they are so small, have limited mobility and do not understand language and rules like older children. Infants require extra attention from caretakers. By u... Read More »

Do infants and children need special nutritional needs?

In the u.k the word "retarded" would be seen as quite offensive. We use terms such as "mental impairment/having a learning difficulty/cognitive disability". However, through different research, in ... Read More »

Why does athletes or infants need special needs?

Answer How much older? That makes a big difference. If the age difference is not very great (less than two years) and if you were seventeen when you got pregnant then the likelyhood that the court... Read More »