What are the rules/laws with Youtube when it comes to putting videos on your site?

Answer If the video allows you to embed it into your site than you can embed it. It's not illegal since you're not uploading the content. A lot of those videos you see on youtube with the copyright conten... Read More »

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How can people get away with putting bad/dirty videos on youtube?

I agree with you, theirs some sick shiznit out there, just don't watch it and stay away from it, also keep your kids away from that stuff.

Am I a hoe for putting videos of me dancing in my undwear on youtube?

I am a 76 year old grandmother and I would say you are not a hoe butvery foolish.You may want to be noticed but the attention you will get would be from the wrong type of person

How do people get paid for putting their videos in youtube ?

You cant.Sum videos takes u to their money site. And through the amount of visitors they get a certain amount of money.Theres alot of site u can add to earn money, like Adsense, Gogle Site itself a... Read More »

How to download videos from youtube site?

Real player. TO learn windows secrets click on my picture and under "visit my website" is a link to windows secrets