What Are the Rules for the Card Game Blitz?

Answer The lure of a good card game often brings people together to play, converse, and compete. Blitz, also known as 31, Scat, and Ride the Bus, is a fast-paced, draw-and-discard game for players of all... Read More »

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Snap Card Game Rules?

Snap is an easy-to-learn card game for two or more players. Players must race to be the first to yell "Snap!" after noticing a match on the table. If you are the first player to yell then you win m... Read More »

Phase 10 Card Game Rules?

Phase 10, a card game created in 1982 and produced by Fundex Games, is a variation of the card game Rummy. You must play “phases” to lay your cards down and play cards on other people’s phase... Read More »

Gin Card Game Rules & Regulations?

The game of Gin---also called Gin rummy---is a type of game that falls into the "draw-and-discard" category of card games, according to Partlett's Historic Card Games. The game itself is not diffic... Read More »

Rules to the Foot Card Game?

The Foot card game, also called Hand and Foot, is a type of card-melding game. The game is usually played by four players divided into two even teams, and uses five card decks (with two Jokers in e... Read More »