I am making a video clip and wish to send it into Rage, however what do they mean by a digital betacam tape?

Answer Betacam is a format used by pros - I don't know of any way you could transfer it without betacam equipment.

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Which film director do you wish were still alive and making films?

Sidney Lumet. Made a masterpiece in 1957, and also in 2007. 50 years apart, how awesome is that2- Dog Day Afternoon3- Scorsese

If i could grant you a wish right now - what would you wish for?

I would want our school system to be better than what it is now. To make sure they are using every material possible to give children a good education. There are ways to make learning fun, they jus... Read More »

Has anyone ever got a 111-111-1111 phone call before.?

I have, it's usually your internet provider, ask them if that might be it, and ask how to resolve it.

How to Be a Make-a-Wish Wish Granter?

Although there are several organizations that work to make the wishes of children with life-threatening illnesses come true, the Make-A-Wish Foundation is probably the best known. To date, almost t... Read More »