What are the rules for full custody of children?

Answer Generally, the "rules" vary by state and are decided on a case by case basis. Generally, if the parents are unmarried the mother has sole custody and control in most states until the father can est... Read More »

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If you have joint legal custody of your two children and you're engaged to an Army officer stationed in Texas what actions do you need to take to get full custody?

Can you get full custody of your 3 children if they have lived with you for 2 years without seeing their mother and now she wants custody and she lives in NC and you live in OH or how would joint work?

Answer When your ex stopped seeing the children is when you should have gotten full custody of the children. It depends on the judge. Some judges believe it's important to have both mother and fath... Read More »

Can Dads Get Full Custody of Children?

Courts decide custody cases based on the best interests of the children, so dads can get full custody if the court believes that is best for the kids. However, according to Divorce Lawyer Source, a... Read More »

What are the chances of the father obtaining full custody of his children if the mother works in a topless bar and practices witchcraft?

Answer As a witch I can tell you that witches are bound by universal laws.She wouldn't be able to successfully use the craft to keep sole custody IF it wasn't in the best interests of the children.... Read More »