What are the risks to unborn babies if their mother smokes?

Answer The baby may be unhealthy or have some form of mental of phycical disabilaty

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What traits of babies usually take from their mother and which from their father?

This is not a scientific answer or anything. But I've always heard that hair from the mother and eyes from the father. Which has proved very true with my son. He is 2 yrs old and still bald just li... Read More »

Can the parents of a teenage pregnant daughter make the mother give up her baby or make her abort or do the young mothers have their own voice for their babies?

Answer They cannot make you do anything. You have all the say and you can choose to keep or give the baby up for adoption. Since you are still very young, you should consider giving the baby away t... Read More »

When can dwarf hamster babies leave their mother?

Baby dwarf hamsters are usually weaned and ready to leave their mother by four weeks of age, according to The Ultimate Guide to Dwarf Hamsters. You should separate the babies by gender into separat... Read More »

What are the risks of adopting an unborn child?

There is always the "something went wrong" in birth. but that is not likely. that is one of the many risks. if you need more info or need to talk about email is adopted.child.pjw@gmai... Read More »