What are the risks of smoking during pregnancy?

Answer The risks of smoking whilst pregnant involve early birth, underweight babies and asthmatic children. Smoking during pregnancy will affect the baby. Kids born to smoking moms are usually smaller, a... Read More »

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What Are the Health Risks of Smoking and Drinking?

Smoking carries an array of negative health risks. It is the cause of one-in-five deaths yearly in the U.S., states the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). That percentage is higher y... Read More »

Risks of occasional (less than weekly) cigarette smoking?

Your risk is very ;; very low ; so enjoy your cigarette

What are the legal risks of me smoking marijuana because im in pain?

I'm not sure which part of the world you're in , so I can only answer for the UK. There is no such thing as prescribed cannabis in the UK. While I and many others sympathise with your condition, as... Read More »

If I ignore the risks and start drinking and smoking,will I become more popular?