What are the risks of laser eye surgery?

Answer Laser eye surgeries have a very high success rate, but as with any surgical procedure there are risks that can come as a result. Despite the fact that some potential risks could result in worse vis... Read More »

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What risks are associated with reconstructive surgery?

bleeding under the skin (hematoma), wound infection, and the recurrence of pressure sores. Infection in deep wounds can progress to life-threatening systemic infection.

What are the risks of laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery?

Laparascopic gastric bypass surgery is a weight loss surgery. It works by limiting how much you can eat and how many calories can be absorbed. Within a couple years of the surgery, you can expect t... Read More »

What is laser eye surgery?

Laser technology is used to treat many medical conditions, and is now used as a crucial solution in the world of eye and vision care. Laser eye surgery is a procedure done to correct eye conditions... Read More »

What risks are involved for a 70+ lady with heart valve disorder (shrunken), if she refuses surgery.........?

Possible Complications of valvular heart disease:- * Arrhythmias (abnormal heart rhythms), including atrial fibrillation and lethal arrhythmias * Clots to other areas * Endocarditis (infec... Read More »