What are the risks of investing in Exxon?

Answer Exxon is the largest publicly traded international oil and gas company in the world. It is involved in development, exploration, production, refining, natural gas, lubricants, chemicals and supply.... Read More »

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How do I minimize risks when investing in bonds?

Every investment carries some level of risk. Investing in bonds involves two main types of risk. The first is inflation, where the value of the money you invested becomes worth less than when you i... Read More »

Risks Involved With Tax Lien Investing?

Tax liens are imposed on properties on which the owners have failed to pay taxes. In some states these liens are sold at auction as tax lien certificates. The owner of the lien receives a yield man... Read More »

Making Money in Real Estate: Tax Lien Investing Tips & Risks?

Tax lien investment is a type of investment that involves putting money into tax liens that are created by county governments. These tax liens can provide large returns, but they can also bring you... Read More »

Does defragmentation pose any risks to your computers What can you do to overcome the risks.?

There is no risk, it is actually beneficial to do occasionally. Hopefully this doesn't go over your head but here is a description of what defragmentation is:In the maintenance of file systems, def... Read More »