What are the risks involved in jail breaking an iPad 2?

Answer The greatest is if something goes wrong with your device and it needs repaired you will not be able to get it fixed via apple or their authorised repairers due to it being tampered with. Their are ... Read More »

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What risks are involved with a vaccine?

If the proper amount isn't used and is stopped being used only when the symptoms disappear then it will allow the "survivors" to start to form an immunity to the vaccine which would make them even ... Read More »

Is jail breaking legal?

Yes Jail breaking just recently became legal

Do you recommend jail breaking?

I don't recommend jailbreaking, my iPod touch is lagging so hard since it is jailbroken.

What does jail breaking do to your iPhone?

There are many things you can do like get free apps, change the transition motion when you change page, lock screen effects, free in app purchases, background effects, and a lot more that would tak... Read More »