What are the risks involved if you are taking cold and flu tablets but you think you might be pregnant and it's too early to tell if you are?

Answer Answer There is a slight risk of affecting the baby. If you suspect your pregnant and you shouldn't take this medication, then stop taking it straight away. Answer I agree.Just take lots of fluids.... Read More »

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What are some risks taking methadone while you are pregnant?

What are the risks of taking birth control when pregnant?

Around 2 percent to 5 percent of women become unknowingly pregnant with the use of birth control. Do not become too alarmed if this has happened to you, as there is very little evidence that taking... Read More »

Is it safe to take cold and flu tablets while pregnant and if not how could it affect the baby?

AnswerYes and No. Certain types of medication are ok. Robitussin withOUT the DM is ok. Nothing with aspirin or ib profin. Tylenol is ok.

Is taking medicine because of a cold going to hurt the baby in the early stages?

Answer Check with your doctor and read the instructions on the packet. Be very careful. If you have a cold and have trouble breathing at night, try this old fashioned recipe. Cut a raw union into p... Read More »