What are the risks for money market accounts?

Answer Money market funds are generally considered low-risk investments, because they are designed to maintain a stable price per share. However, as with any investment, it is important to understand what... Read More »

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Are cd accounts or money market accounts better?

On One Hand: Interest RatesCertificate of Deposit (CD) accounts typically pay a higher interest rate than money market accounts. reports that in 2010, one-year CD interest rates on... Read More »

What are Treasury money market accounts?

Treasury money market funds are money market funds that are backed by the U.S. Treasury, according to The New York Times. The U.S. government stated it will guarantee these funds against up to $50 ... Read More »

How do I protect money invested in money market accounts?

Bank FundsInvest your money in bank money market funds for protection. Money market funds come in two varieties: bank money market funds insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC) and no... Read More »

How safe are money market IRA accounts?

On One Hand: What Are The Benefits?IRA money market accounts are a smart choice because it is tax deferred and has a steady interest rate. There are no taxes on the money in these accounts until it... Read More »