What are the risk factors of a heart attack in teens?

Answer While heart disease is not a major cause of death in teens, there are modifiable and non-modifiable risk factors that can increase a teen's risk of heart attack. Some are hereditary, others are sec... Read More »

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What are the risk factors for heart disease?

Heart disease encompasses a wide variety of diseases affecting the heart, including arrhythmia, heart defects, blood vessel disease and coronary heart disease. Many factors increase a person's risk... Read More »

Am i at risk of a heart attack?

Too young to have a heart attack!Increase your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. Studies have shown that bioflavonoids, the pigments that lend fruits and plants their color, may stimulate insu... Read More »

If i was at a risk of a heart attack would the doctor of told me by now?

Yes if the doctor has any reason to believe you may have a heart attack, he/she would tell you. But of course your doctor would have to run some tests on you before knowing anything. But if you a... Read More »

Im24 on nuvaring and smoke once in a great while am i at risk for heart attack?

Chemicals in cigarettes damage the walls of the arteries around your heart. This causes the buildup of fatty plaque that can harden and narrow the arteries. Smoking can also trigger these fatty pla... Read More »