What are the rights once the baby is born?

Answer Answer Rights for who. For the baby, they have the right to be taken care of properly, to be warm, safe , clean, fed, happy , healthy and much more because they didnt ask to be here. Now the right... Read More »

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Does father have parental rights before the baby is born?

No, he does not have parental rights until the child is born. If the parents are unmarried he must establish his paternity legally through the courts. If the parents are married the father has equa... Read More »

Can the birth mother sign over rights before the baby is born?

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If you are not married can you give up custodial rights to a baby before it is born?

Answer I think that you need to wait for the child to be born, in order to establish paternity, have a name & social security # for the paperwork.

What rights do you have to your unborn child if you are afraid that your wife may leave before the baby is born?

Answer I suggest you seek legal counsel. If you can't afford to see a lawyer, then there is free legal counsel provided for anyone. If you can't find it in the phone book then ask the operator.Y... Read More »