What are the rights of a pregnant 16-year-old in Virginia?

Answer huh?... The way you worded that question is scary. You have god given rights, and legal rights. Neither of these change simply because you become pregnant.A minor female in any US state has the s... Read More »

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What rights do you have if your 16-year-old daughter is pregnant by a 25-year-old man in Georgia?

AnswerFile a complaint with the prosecuting attorney's office.The AOC for the state of Georgia is 16 by statutory law.However, protection from prosecution of statutory rape when it concerns an adul... Read More »

If a 17 year old male get a 16 year old girl pregnant what are his rights?

Can a pregnant 16-year-old be forced to sign her parental rights over to the 16-year-old father of the child and his parents?

AnswerDon't let anyone tell you that you can't keep your baby because you can! There is nothing that he can do to stop you from keeping your baby! I wish you all the best of luck in the world:) ... Read More »

What are a seventeen year olds rights when she is pregnant?

If they are at the age of adulthood which differ between states (16-18), they can decide everything if they live on their own. Otherwise they have to obey their parents. Their rights only concerns ... Read More »