How to Download Game DAT Files for "Guild Wars"?

Answer The Guild Wars DAT files, named GW.dat, are a collection of all the files necessary to run the online role playing game. If you are a new player of the game or have switched computers, you will nee... Read More »

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How to Win in Guild Wars?

Are you tired of failing missions in Guild Wars? Perhaps there might be some problem with your character, or your equipment... There are solutions to many problems early players have.

How to Get a Lot of Gold in Guild Wars?

If you have Guild Wars and you want to get a lot of Gold you have come to the right place. This guide will show you how to save up to get cool armor and weapons.

How to Dance in Guild Wars?

This wiki will show you how to dance in guild wars. every profession and gender has a different dance. Dancing is not hard and you can even sync with other players. this means to dance at the same ... Read More »

Will my laptop run guild wars 2?

if its maintained well, it should be able to start the game, with a few tweaks you might even get a Guild Wars 2 The Powerpoint going.