What are the results do bullying?

Answer it makes the person being bullied feel worthless and miserable. they can feel sick to their stomachs, and at bad times not food down. They xan suffer from panic-attacks and depression. It is seriou... Read More »

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Has anyone else had normal papsmear results after getting abnormal results in the past?

Congratulation, yes even after many abnormal Pap tests you can have a normal Pap. When the virus enters its latent state it is not seen in any test. Our Pap test looks for abnormal cell changes. ... Read More »

What is text bullying?

Text bullying is a very nasty thing to do cause its a form of bullying ... like that helps.... well anyway...Text bullying is frightening and isolating. Most cases go unreported. But giving in to t... Read More »

What can we do for popularity bullying?

The best thing is to just stand up for yourself, and show them you're hurt by this. But not too much! they want to bring you down. If it doesn't work. talk to an adult you trust for help, even if y... Read More »

What is the definition for bullying?

Hurting a person or browbeating a weaker person.