What Are Those Little Blue Lights Under the Traffic Lights in Central Florida?

Answer According to Orlando’s Wesh TV2, “Little blue lights on traffic signals alert authorities from all angles that the signal below it has turned red.”

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What is the blue LED light above the traffic lights?

A blue LED light above a traffic light is there to help police catch drivers who run red lights. Called a "red light confirmation light" or "tattletale light," the LED turns on when the stoplight t... Read More »

What year did blue lights appear on u.s. police vehicles?

Police vehicle light beacons first appeared in 1940. By the early 1960's, there were full light bars on law enforcement vehicles, including blue and red lights. Blues lights are more visible in day... Read More »

What kind of mechanical keyboard has blue red and green led lights?

According to your given specs Logitech G110 gaming Keyboard is a best choice. It has custom color backlit you can choose among the number of colors also has programmable Keys and it is within your ... Read More »

Why do police cars use red& blue lights?

Police cars use red and blue lights to alert other drivers. Red lights indicate there is an emergency and provides a warning. Blue lights signal that a police car is approaching. Police cars have l... Read More »