What are the reasons why you do not recommend the Nania Airway?

Answer AnswerThe Nania Airway has several issues. One of the biggest being that the crotch strap is very long (and according to Nania/Safety Baby/what ever current name they are using, it has to be this w... Read More »

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Who is now the the king of make-a-nania?

I do not know.And too all you humans,MAKE-A-NANIA is a planet up in earth.I think junty is taking over though.He is ugly.He is going to take the GOGOMAN chair.

What is reactive airway disease?

Reactive Airway disease is a euphemistic term for asthma.reactive airway disease is kind of like asthma but their are some huge differences such as treatments

What can obstruct a patients airway?

Anything that is big enough to block the airway. Food, and other items.If they are unconcious, it can be vomit or even their own tongue.

What could be causing a blocked airway?