What are the reasons to avoid being a teen parent?

Answer it's very stressfull

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The Disadvantages of Being a Teen Parent?

Becoming pregnant as a teenager is often not a planned event. Although becoming a teen parent can teach some lessons about responsibility and maturity, there are also many disadvantages to deal wit... Read More »

What would be valid reasons for a court allowing a 17-year-old to live with a non-custodial parent after the custodial parent has already been court appointed?

Answer If the environment that the minor is currently living in is unsuitable to the extent that the physical, mental and emotional well-being of the minor is being jeopardized.Such an assessment... Read More »

Can a parent relinquish his rights without it being part of a step parent adoption?

What are reasons against teen pregnancies?

Cause some of girls and guys decide to just not take care of their kids. BUT NOT ALL TEEN PARENTS DO!