What are the reasons that plants regenerate?

Answer A lttle vinager and water, dampen your cloth with the solution and wipe each me.

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Three Top Reasons Plants Die?

With enough nutrients and moisture, a plant can often fight off disease and survive pest infestations because it has a strong root system. Determining why plants die is often difficult because ther... Read More »

Write two reasons why roots are important to plants?

SO THEY CAN GROW AND SO THEY CAN GET FOOD AND WATER! anchors plants in the ground and absorb water from the soil!

What are reasons that I should use color for printing?

The main reason you should choose colour printing is that people are 5 times as likely to remember the message if it is in colour. Look at your competiton and select colours that are different fro... Read More »

What section of the earthworm can regenerate?

An earthworm can only regenerate the posterior portion of its body. If an earthworm loses part of the lower third of its body, it can regrow those parts. If the earthworm is cut closer to the head,... Read More »