What are the reasons that plants regenerate?

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Three Top Reasons Plants Die?

With enough nutrients and moisture, a plant can often fight off disease and survive pest infestations because it has a strong root system. Determining why plants die is often difficult because ther... Read More »

Write two reasons why roots are important to plants?

SO THEY CAN GROW AND SO THEY CAN GET FOOD AND WATER! anchors plants in the ground and absorb water from the soil!

How does an earthworm regenerate?

If you can an earthworm in half, you might think you'll soon have two on your hands thanks to regeneration, but only some earthworms have the ability to regrow their parts, and even those won't dou... Read More »

How to Regenerate a PIN on a BlackBerry?

Because they are designed with business in mind, BlackBerry devices include a PIN which helps make sure any emails sent to the phone are sent to the proper BlackBerry device and to no other phone. ... Read More »