What are the reasons for tantrums of a child aged 3?

Answer What aren't some reasons? 3-year-olds will have tantrums for any reason that they see fit...especially if they haven't had a nap. Other reasons might be illness, sadness, hunger or to get attention.

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How to Prevent a Child's Temper Tantrums?

The best way to handle a tantrum is to prevent it from happening.Most "experts" say a tantrum is a phase that the child will grow out of, relegating it to the trash heap of things we cannot do anyt... Read More »

Your child aged 4 yrs 14-15kg has no cyanosis since birth fever wt RTI if takse some cold items. Acyanotic child with tetralogy of fallot at what stage required operation?

At all ages rectal temperature is higher than skin temperature.

Does anyone know the routine for a child aged 1 when there in nursery?

at our nursery, they have a schedule that they do everyday, which includes: songs, free choice activities, potty training (for those who are ready), snack time, stories, music and movement, nap tim... Read More »

How to Obtain a US Green Card for an Aged Out Child?

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