What are the reasons for abuse?

Answer Justifying or finding ways to excuse abuse just gives the abuser more power. There is NEVER any justifiable reason for abuse. If you're angry, walk away, if you're hurt, collect your thoughts and s... Read More »

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What are reasons to ban gay adoption?

The opposition's main reasons are: to protect their sanctity of marriage, gay marriage isn't a civil rights issue, gays already have protection through domestic partnerships, and they believe that ... Read More »

What are good reasons for gay adoption?

You are assuming "Gay Adoption" is different from "Straight Adoption", it's not. Adoption is when one or two adults voluntarily take someone elses child and become that child's parent(s). There is ... Read More »

What are the reasons for low blood sugar?

Low blood sugar is a medical condition known as hypoglycemia. It occurs when your blood sugar levels fall below normal. Although the condition occurs most often as a side effect of diabetes medicat... Read More »

What are some Reasons for this?

I'm only judging your slaughter of the English language.You're still young, so you're still developing, it could just be part of that.When you do the pull out method, were you using a condom as wel... Read More »