What are the rays coming from laptop?

Answer its a led diode

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Can you watch all blu rays in 3D on a stereoscopic laptop or do you need special discs?

There's a cricketing noise coming from my laptop?

Back away its shorting out and you can get electrocuted.

How to fix the audio coming through my laptop's headphone jack?

Hi, If it fell down then maybe the solder on the pins of the audio jack cracked and maybe resoldering them would help. Maybe the the audio jack itself is defective and you would need to find a r... Read More »

I just deleted some cookies from my laptop and now there's some sound coming from it?

Is it coming from the laptop itself? Or from the speakers? If it's coming from the actual laptop (not audio), it is completely unrelated. The only thing I can think of, if it's a ticking/clicking n... Read More »