What are the ramifications of not notifying an insurance company of a claim?

Answer Whether it's for your house, car, motorcycle or health, insurance is vital to have in the event of an accident or emergency. However, insurance companies are not omniscient so you must notify them ... Read More »

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Can an employer cancel your insurance without notifying you first?

According to, under the provisions of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), any "material reduction in covered services or benefits" to participants and beneficiaries of ... Read More »

What is the penalty for not notifying owners of a board meeting?

Read your governing documents to determine what kind of notification is required for a board meeting. There are board meetings where no vote is taken, which are working board meetings where matters... Read More »

What Are Ethical Ramifications?

Ethical ramifications are the positive benefits or negative consequences of making situational choices. This includes the chance to strengthen your soul, as Plato suggested, as well as Aristotle's ... Read More »

What Are Economic Ramifications?

Politics and economic ramifications are inextricably linked. In fact, you could say the very definition of politics is the process of foreseeing, managing, or creating economic ramifications. Econo... Read More »