What are the pros and cons of having a facebook?

Answer PROS-It doesn't have as many bugs as Myspace, so it runs faster, and your messages are less likely to get lost like on Myspace-It is one of the best ways to organize and share photos-It is constant... Read More »

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What are the pros and cons of having Mozilla Firefox?

Pros:1. The interface is easy to use. I've tried Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Opera. No matter how many cool features those browsers have or how much faster they go than Firefox, I keep c... Read More »

What are the pros and cons of facebook?

Pros-nothing Cons- people can you look you see where you live and all of your convos with friends are put out in the open

What Are the Pros & Cons of Having a Diversity of Personality Theories?

Personality theories are the ideas behind what forms an individual's personality, personality typing and abnormalities in personalities. Diversity in personality theories occurs when different psyc... Read More »

What are Pros & Cons of Teens having cell phones?

Pros:Cell phones are handy in case of emergenciesThey teach kids to be responsible when they break, or are made to pay for the texting planThey allow kids to have more privacy when on the phoneCons... Read More »