What are the pro's and cons for powered and unpowered external hard drives?

Answer Unpowered Pro: No external power brick, it draws all power from the USB port, smaller footprint, portableCon: slower hard drive, lower performance, smaller capacity (under 1TB), eSATA not supported... Read More »

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Pros & Cons of Dual Hard Drives?

A common PC configuration includes a single hard drive and a single optical drive. As hard drives have increased in size, many users can get by comfortably with a single hard drive in their system.... Read More »

Hard Drives: AC Powered Vs. USB?

When you buy an external USB hard drive, it is possible to buy models that come with their own power supply, or ones that draw their power from the USB port they are connected to on your computer.

Powered Vs. Unpowered Speakers?

The main difference between powered and unpowered speakers is the presence or lack of an amplifier. When purchasing speakers you want to consider what you can sacrifice, money or convenience, when ... Read More »

How to Tie Two External Hard Drives Into One?

Having two hard drives in two different drive enclosures can be a headache for computer users. They not only take up multiple power outlets but they also hog the peripheral (USB, Firewire or eSata)... Read More »