What are the proper ways of tenderizing meat?

Answer There is nothing like the flavor and texture of a perfectly prepared cut of meat. Novice cooks often think the success in cooking delicious meat comes from choosing the right cut and cooking it cor... Read More »

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Meat Tenderizing Procedures?

The best way to make meats such as chicken, beef, fish and lamb less chewy is by tenderizing, which brings out the proteins and relaxes the meat, making it "melt in your mouth." Many methods of ten... Read More »

What are the proper ways of applying a sling and swath?

Apply Sling (supports arm from below): 1. Tie knot in corner of triangular bandage - place knot under elbow 2. Extend bandage to support under forearm 3. Take one end of bandage behind patient... Read More »

What is the proper way to tie your shoe I've seen people do it different ways and mine always come untied?

Proper Ways to Do a Science Project Board?

Science project boards are the culmination of your entire science project. Boards allow you to show people what you've worked on, without them needing to read through all your journals and research... Read More »