What are the proper ways of applying a sling and swath?

Answer Apply Sling (supports arm from below): 1. Tie knot in corner of triangular bandage - place knot under elbow 2. Extend bandage to support under forearm 3. Take one end of bandage behind patient... Read More »

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What is a sling and a swath?

Splint injuries: The sling and swath is used for all upper extremities. The sling supports the injured extremity and immobilizes the lower arm, while the swath functionally immobilizes the shoulder... Read More »

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Most fertilizer packages have instructions that give the amount and frequency of application. You can either follow those directions or feed half as much as directed but twice as often. After addin... Read More »

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There is nothing like the flavor and texture of a perfectly prepared cut of meat. Novice cooks often think the success in cooking delicious meat comes from choosing the right cut and cooking it cor... Read More »

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