What are some learning projects, art projects, and manipulatives for preschoolers to do with an Olympic theme?

Answer When they were in Greece years ago, we made the flag, stacked baklava, and played games. Daily we put the pin on a different country (map with a string connecting the USA to it), looked at their f... Read More »

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Science Projects Using Recyclables for New Projects?

Recycling uses discarded materials--newspapers, various plastics, aluminum cans and office paper--that are sorted, processed and converted into raw materials. These raw materials are used to produc... Read More »

What is the center of NASA projects?

NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville

Fun Science Projects: What Are Molecules?

Molecules, such as H2O, are the smallest unit of a substance. They can be made up of one or more atoms. This idea can be an abstract concept to students, especially those unfamiliar with chemistr... Read More »

What Are Science Projects for Kindergarten?

The basics of scientific inquiry include making observations, hypothesizing, experimenting and recording data. Once those steps are completed, the student can reach a final conclusion. Kindergarten... Read More »