What are the problems of using herbicides?

Answer Some problems are: - contamination of soils and waters - contamination of foods - killing non selective some useful plants or sometimes insects - intoxication of workers and animals

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The Disadvantages of Using Pesticides and Herbicides?

Pesticides and herbicides have a major impact on crop production. The 20th century brought many breakthrough developments in pesticide production. Pesticides control troublesome pests, such as mite... Read More »

What Are the Environmental Problems of Using Plastic?

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What Are the Benefits of Herbicides & Pesticides?

Herbicides and pesticides are under fire for the many risks associated with spraying these chemicals in the environment and ingestion of food grown with these chemicals (e.g. birth defects, lowered... Read More »

Dogs and Herbicides?

When your dog runs across your lawn, it finds tennis balls hidden in the grass and sticks to chase. If you have sprayed herbicides to kill weeds, your dog could find the chemicals, too. ... Read More »