What are the problems of the inner ear?

Answer The inner ear's 16,000 sound-sensitive hair cells enable you to hear every note of Beethoven's ninth symphony while its equilibrium receptors support the movements of Olympic stars and the pirouett... Read More »

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Inner Ear Problems With Sinus Infection?

The entire head is connected. The throat, nose and ears can easily affect each other because of their close proximity and the open passageways connecting them. This means a sinus infection can lead... Read More »

Helpppp for bad breath... my inner cheeks and inner lips are covered by a whitish color that smells very bad?

You may have an infection called thrush or if youre taking a new medication it may be a side effect from that. Smoking can also cause it. You should get it checked out if this is just starting

What Is Inner Light?

Light makes objects clear and visible, which helps people to see the way ahead. Religious thinkers have long used images of light and darkness to illustrate the process of discovering religious and... Read More »

What is the name of the inner ear?

The ear is made up of three sections: inner, outer and middle. The name of the inner ear is simply "inner ear." The inner ear contains the cochlea, whose function is hearing, and the semicircular ... Read More »