What are the possible treatment for depression?

Answer The most popular is counseling and meds. I would suggest that you contact your doctor or call a Mental Health Association to start. Look in the phone book the number is there.

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How well does treatment for depression work?

Depression is a serious psychological disorder that many people suffer with needlessly. Depression can be treated, but the effectiveness of the treatment depends on a number of different factors.Ty... Read More »

What is the treatment for resistant depression?

Treatment-resistant depression---or refractory depression---implies depression unmitigated by conventional antidepressant medications and/ or therapy. Several things can trigger this problem and yo... Read More »

Low-Cost Treatment for Depression?

Depression is the most common psychological disorder in the United States, affecting 17 million people each year. Many treatment options are available, including medication, psychotherapy, diet, ex... Read More »

Clinical Depression: Symptoms and Treatment?

Clinical depression is more than a bout of sadness. Yet, many people afflicted with the disorder discount symptoms and forgo treatment. In fact, two-thirds of the people who have clinical depressio... Read More »