What are the possibilities of getting caught with "sexts" if they're never sent?

Answer Depends how often people have a hold of "their" phone. The more others poke around in it the more likely the wrong person will see it.

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Possibilities of getting TSS?

Toxic shock syndrome is rare and you can safely leave in a tampon for that long. You might want to use a pad at night, but as long as you change your tampons regularly during the day, you'll be fine.

How to Text During Church With out Getting Caught?

As a majority of teenagers today have cell phones, such as iphones, driods, and so on. Do you ever hate it when parents tell you to stop texting in class, family dinners, church etc. As of know the... Read More »

Does any one the kids tv show it had a professor and he always went on adventures with his class and his principle never like it she she sometimes got caught along?

How to Play Music Without Getting Caught (For Those With Long Hair)?

Do you want to listen to some music without getting caught? Do you have long hair? This article will show you how.