What are the positive effects of being an orphan?

Answer Orphans are known for their self-reliance, the extent to which is far greater than anyone with a family could ever comprehend. While being an orphan is never easy, orphans normally tend to go far i... Read More »

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Positive Effects of Being a Good Reader?

Effective, efficient reading has a number of positive effects. Reading and writing are both important in many parts of your life. The better you are at reading, the easier it will be for you to fin... Read More »

What Are the Positive Effects of Computers in the Classroom?

In recent decades, teachers have introduced technology into the classrooms. By providing computers in class, they have given students the chance to research and complete their assignments with adva... Read More »

What are the positive and negative effects of trains on communities?

First one must consider the relationship between the railroad and the communities.When speaking of a community that is host to a railroad terminal, there are significant benefits in the form of emp... Read More »

What are the positive effects on a family with a child who has down syndrome?

For the united kingdom. Getting special needs provision is quite a complex process. If your child isn't already registered, you can contact your local children with disabilities team and ask for yo... Read More »