Who invented the fork, spoon&knife?

Answer No single person was responsible for inventing the fork, spoon and knife. Primitive people first made knives from bones and stones, and Egyptians refined them later using gold, bronze and ivory. Kn... Read More »

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Where does the steak knife go in a place setting?

A steak knife should be the first utensil to the right of the dinner plate, with the cutting edge pointing toward the plate. You should only include a steak knife in a place setting if you are serv... Read More »

How to Make a Knife out of a Butter Knife?

This article will tell you how to sharpen and modify a butter knife. You don't need all sorts of complicated machinery or heavy metalworking equipment. The finished product of this will be a scalpe... Read More »

When you eat Chinese or other Asian food do you use chopsticks or a knife and fork?

I use the chopsticks to play air-drummer and eat my food with that little plastic spork. I'm not ashamed. I am a great drummer and a pretty good sporker.

Where to put a butter knife when you set the table?

According to the Emily Post Institute, a butter knife should be placed diagonally across the bread plate edge in both formal and informal table settings. The knife should be positioned with the bla... Read More »