What are the physical problems during a teenage pregnancy?

Answer Some risks during teenage pregnancy are poor nutrition (which can cause the baby to have a low birth weight), high blood pressure, and premature labor. For further information on these risks, visit... Read More »

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How will teenage pregnancy affects your physical development?

You will go through the same things in pregnancy adult women go through. However, remover to ensure you take plenty of calcium and other foods rich in vitamins as you are still growing too, and som... Read More »

Teenage Physical Activities & Games?

With the tantalizing options of television, the Internet, video games and increasingly versatile telephones, encouraging teens to stay fit and active through real-life games is becoming more challe... Read More »

Why is teenage pregnancy bad?

Most reasons are based on society's view, some are medical, and some are due to how children and teens are being raised in this day and age. Once upon a time, it was normal, even expected, for very... Read More »

What are the causes of teenage pregnancy?

teenage pregnancy is caused the same way as any other pregnancy which is through sexUnprotected sex.