What are the penaltiess in Alabama for not having automobile insurance?

Answer Answer According to the "Code of Alabama 1975: Section 32-7A-16A person is guilty of a Class C misdemeanor who:(1) Operates a motor vehicle unless the motor vehicle is covered by a liability insur... Read More »

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How many days do you have to get an automobile tag on a new car in alabama?

According to Alabama law, any person buying a car must register it and acquire a license plate within 20 days of purchasing the car. A registration and car tag can only be issued after a title appl... Read More »

At what age can you get automobile insurance?

The age you can buy automobile insurance at is dependent on your state of residence and the age at which you can receive your full driver's license. If you're old enough to have a license, you can ... Read More »

How much automobile insurance do I need?

On One Hand: Meet State Minimum RequirementsEach state has laws regulating the amount of auto insurance that each driver must purchase. It is necessary to meet at least the minimum state requiremen... Read More »

Do i have to have medical and automobile insurance?

On One Hand: Automobile InsuranceIn the United States, 48 out of 50 states (New Hampshire and Wisconsin are excluded) and most countries across the world require a certain amount of auto insurance.... Read More »