What are the penalties for identity theft?

Answer Identity theft refers to a crime in which a person's personal or financial information is taken or used by a third party without that person's permission or knowledge. Federal and state governments... Read More »

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U.S. Laws and Penalties for Identity Theft?

Using other people's personal information, such as bank or credit card statements, to make purchases in their name is identity theft. As more and more of our personal information becomes available ... Read More »

What is the difference between credit card theft and identity theft?

In recent years, stricter regulations have been placed on credit card usage, and more people are becoming victims of identity theft. While both place the victim in financial danger, the situations... Read More »

Penalties for Theft of Services?

Theft of services occurs when a person steals or uses services without paying for them, such as through illegal use of cable or electricity, using a wireless Internet connection without permission ... Read More »

Could This Be Identity Theft?

There are a few steps you should do to try and clean this mess up. But I need to tell you now, DO NOT CONFRONT THIS RELATIVE IMMEDIATELY. You have no proof that he has anything to do with this, and... Read More »