What are the parts of the that eye that similar to the camera?

Answer Cornea is the lens cover, the iris and pupil act like the aperture of the camera lens. The lens of the eye acts like the lens of the camera. The retina acts like the film.

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How are the parts of the camera similar to the parts of the eye?

They both use a lens to focus the image and they both have a recording surface for the image. In cameras it is the film and in the eye it is the retina.

How is the Polaroid camera similar to the digital camera?

Getting to see the picture instantly, (or almost, a minute) is much more rapid than having to develop your own or send it off or drive to the processor. 35mm and 126? Bye bye!

What part of the eye is similar to that of the lens in a camera?

What are other camera similar to the canon rebel t1i?

The Nikon D90 is the t1i's competitor but it's a good $500 more expensive. Depending on who you ask one is better than the other. They both have their pros and cons.