What are the parts of the human hair?

Answer Most of us will admit that the tiny strands of protein we know as hair receive more care and attention than we want other people to know. Although hair has the ability to make or break a good day,... Read More »

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What are human body parts called?

Body parts are broken down into categories. The smallest unit of life is a cell. A group of cells forms tissue. A group of tissues forms an organ, like the stomach. Several organs working together ... Read More »

Parts of the Human Heel?

The weight of the entire body rests on the feet. The heel supports and cushions the shocks of the body. Comprised of many separate parts, the human heel is a marvel of engineering.

How many parts are in the human body?

The human body has eleven systems, according to the book "Principles of Human Anatomy, 9th Ed.," by Gerard Tortora. These consist of the integumentary (skin), skeletal, muscular, cardiovascular, ly... Read More »

How many parts are there to the human brain?

The human brain is divided into three parts or sections. The forebrain, which contains the cerebral cortex, is used for long-term memory and spacial awareness. The midbrain is responsible for visua... Read More »