What Are the Chemical Parts of a Nucleotide?

Answer A nucleotide is the primary building block of nucleic acid and is responsible for making up the structural units of RNA and DNA in the body. A nucleotide also performs a vital role in metabolism in... Read More »

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How to Search and Align a Sequence (Nucleotide or Protein) for Similar Sequences?

There are many ways to align, from simple online tools to complex algorithms depending on your level of understanding and needs.

What Is the Difference Between Parts of Speech & Parts of a Sentence?

Parts of speech are the basic elements of sentences. These individual elements cannot make a sentence on their own but combine to form parts of a sentence. Parts of a sentence work together to form... Read More »

What parts of the world do ipod parts come from?

Ipod parts come from everywhere but mainly china .

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA says that there is ice on some parts of the moon. What does this tell you about temperatures on these parts of the moon?

The message is that it's really cold there. As the moon has no atmosphere, there is no atmospheric pressure. Atmospheric pressure has a pronounced effect on the boiling point of water. If the water... Read More »