What are the parts and function in digital camera?

Answer Answer There are many parts to the average point and shoot digital camera, the basics are as follows: 1) The lens. Just like a film SLR camera, this focuses the light coming into the camera onto t... Read More »

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How does a digital camera function?

A digital camera functions much the same way a traditional camera does. It has all the essential parts, lens cover, lens and aperture. The inside of the camera has to function a little differently ... Read More »

Digital Camera Asm Function?

Most digital cameras have a set of easy modes to help you quickly find the settings you need for the photos you are about to take. However by using some of the more advanced settings---such as the ... Read More »

What are the parts on a digital camera?

Whether an old-fashioned camera or digital, some camera parts remain the same. For example, cameras have a battery, a lens (some with lens caps), a zoom feature, a counter for how many photos have ... Read More »

What are the parts to digital camera?

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