What are six reasons for preventing viruses and other malware?

Answer 1: Install quality antivirusMany computer users believe free antivirus applications, such as those included with an Internet service provider’s bundled service offering, are sufficient to protect... Read More »

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What are the reasons why united State provides foreign aid to other countries?

as a 1rst world country the us states along with other countries are made by the United Nations to "keep peace" and help other counties in need

What are other reasons for being 16days late for your period?

Normally, I'd say pregnancy would be number one but many other factors are included in normal menstruation such as diet, exercise, weight gain/loss, hormonal imbalances, stress, and/or various medi... Read More »

Other reasons my mom dont let me mbe vegetarian...?

OK. 1. Soya products-such as tofu and tempeh-contain all the essential amino acids found in animal protein and are actually higher in protein than some meats.The human body doesn't actually need m... Read More »

Is yellow semen a sign of infection or is it due to other reasons?

Answerno its is normal for sperm to change to a yellowish color. It's very common for semen to have a little yellow to it. No cause for alarm. But if it's totally yellow or orange, then it could be... Read More »