What are the only fruit that have seed on the outside?

Answer Strawberry. Like Strawberry Shortcake!

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How to Regulate Your Breathing After You Have Run(Outside Only)?

Do you have troubles breathing after running? this will help.

What if there was a group of religious people out there that only eat fruit, or are frugivores, not even vegit?

I'm not sure being a fruitarian is healthy , period. Being a vegetarian myself , and a vegan once before for 6 months, I feel that if someone wants to go raw, it is absolutely essential to include ... Read More »

How do I block my wireless connection to stop people outside my house using it Can I have password only usag?

Yes it is called a wep key - check your router manual.

If you only had your period for one day and it was very light and the next day you were spotting but it was a brown color and the only symptom that you have is headaches is it likely you are pregnant?

Answer I had the similar symptoms in the beginning. I have gone through 3 yrs of fighting with doctors and I have come to self diagnose myself with endrometreous. Not saying that is what you have... Read More »