What are the only 2 foods that nothing has to die for you to eat?

Answer Milk and honey

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What foods are only found in Northern States and NOT in the south?

Apparently they don't have muffin breakfast sandwiches (usually muffin, sausage/bacon, egg, cheese). Instead, they only make breakfast sandwiches with biscuits.

Teeth very sensitive to candy/chocolate/high sugar content foods, dentist says nothing is wrong?

Sounds like classical sensitivity - has to do with how ions transfer. You can look it up on youtube, but I would just suggest cutting out tartar control toothpaste (they make the enamel more porou... Read More »

What can I eat that contains nothing?

Did u know that there is such a thing as 'negative calorie' foods?They are foods that foods that are supposed to burn up more calories in the process of digesting them than are actually contained i... Read More »

Am I the only one who finds Kendall Jenner really ordinary and nothing special?

I don't either.They are pretty but not that pretty. They are only famous cuz they are part of the Kardashian family and only are models cuz of who they are.If they weren't famous i doubt anyone wou... Read More »